If you’re one of the vapers who has decided to quit smoking by trying out these safer nicotine delivery devices, you’ll notice something. The first thing you’ll notice is you’ll feel terrible. You’ll be coughing, your taste sensations will be different, and you’ll have an irritating headache which doesn’t seem to go away. The second thing you’ll notice is everyone blames eCigs for everything, which is quite understood because they get these symptoms after using them. However this is just a misconception that people have.

Here we are going to address five of the main symptoms which people wrongly associate with smoking electronic cigarettes.

1. Coughing
The smoker’s cough will return with a vengeance. You’ll be coughing your guts out, and there will be lots of discharge. These aren’t the substances within the eCigs. It’s the fact your lungs can finally work on getting rid of all the tar and the discharge in your body. For the first time in a while, it’s able to work without being obstructive. The worse it is the more your body is recovering.

2. Headaches

Your brain naturally gets less oxygen if you smoke normal cigarettes. The carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen getting to your brain. A non-smoker who smokes three or four cigarettes will get a headache. If you’re quitting smoking you’ll get another headache because of the change in oxygen levels.

Electronic cigarettes don’t have any carbon monoxide so normal oxygen flow is resumed. The sudden change leads to the headache.

3. Dry Mouth
Dry mouth is the only symptom which you can blame on vaping. Due to the use of water vapour within the cigarettes, it takes away the moisture from your mouth. Over time, you’ll realise you have significantly less saliva floating around your teeth and gums. There’s a simply remedy to this. Drink lots of fluids whilst you’re vaping. It’s a simple fix and it’s entirely a superficial problem.
4. Sense of Taste
New vapers have blamed their strange sense of taste on these electronic devices. Smoking wrecks your sense of taste and it stops you from sampling food as it was designed to be experienced.

Your taste buds will start to regenerate immediately after quitting smoking. Those funny tastes have absolutely nothing to do with eCigs. It’s what food actually tastes like. As a long-term smoker, you’ve simply forgotten how things are supposed to taste. What you’re experiencing now is what the food is designed to taste like. The longer you stay away from tobacco the more pungent these tastes will get.
5. Abdominal Pain
Most people who quit smoking report abdominal pain, constipation, and all manner of problems with the digestive system after about two weeks. This is caused by the same thing as your coughing and headaches. The stomach is being deprived of the chemicals it’s used to. Without these substances, it feels strange and it doesn’t know how to react.

You’ll need to wait for the healthy bacteria to restore themselves before you can enjoy life again. It’s a standard symptom of tobacco withdrawal. It’s nothing to do with whether you smoke eCigs or not.

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Zack Benson is the author of this informative post. He is a business consultant and a fitness enthusiast. He enjoys blogging in spare time and writes on a myriad of topics. He feels that Electricig is a healthy replacement for real cigarettes which have an adverse effect on our health and body.